Framing of interior walls is complete

Our new home is taking shape rapidly! The steel studs that frame the interior have all been erected. We can walk down the hallway and visualize the spacious dance studios, dressing rooms, seating nooks and restrooms. Watching this take shape is truly amazing and Virginia and I have to pinch ourselves each time we visit the site. Drywall begins next week.

We are on track for our Sept. 5 opening, but we are still shy of our fundraising goal. Heartfelt thanks to those that have donated. We still need to raise about $250,000 and we need your help. Please donate today.

Studio D: Looking towards the front from the edge of studio D.
Hallway: Looking down the hallway from the entry point, ladies room on the right and studios on the left.

Making incredible progress!

Our contractor, Howard Construction, is moving quickly and making incredible progress! All the plumbing and sewer piping was laid and concrete poured in the lobby/office, hallway, changing room and restroom areas.

We are so excited at how rapidly this is moving. We can’t do it without your help. Thanks to everyone that has donated. If you haven’t donated, won’t you please consider a gift today?

Sharon Burns, Managing Director

Concrete has been poured, the studs are here, and interior walls will be erected soon!
Looking at the front of the building from the rear, you can see the long hallway, with studios on the right and dressing room/restrooms to the left.
Looking into the building from the front… the first walls are being framed! This will be one of two dressing rooms.








Plans Re-submitted to Town of San Anselmo

Our detailed plans for the remodel (54 pages in all!) were submitted to the Town of San Anselmo on Feb. 23, 2017. The plan check process is supposed to take 4 to 6 weeks. On April 14  (7 weeks later) we received the plans back with a request to clarify various items. Our architect and building consultants reviewed and responded to the comments and resubmitted the plans. We hope to receive a building permit very quickly, but are at the mercy of the Town. We’ve been told it could take up to three weeks to review our responses, but we are optimistic that this will be done much quicker. The clock is ticking and we are very anxious to  begin work. The scope of the work that needs to be done is extensive and is expected to take five months.

Chalked out the floor plan

Virginia, Sharon and Lily used a tape measure and chalk and chalked out the floor plan in the vacant warehouse. It was a lot of work, but it was so exciting! We were able to easily visualize the spaciousness of the new studios and better envision what it will be like in our new home!  The Stapleton community was invited to drop in to see the space at an open house on Saturday, April 1. We will continue to provide tours of the space, so if you’d like to see it, email